Pat Fletcher

Transformational Therapy

CIMA 1995; CGMA 2012
BA (Hons) Sociology & Social Policy
Usui Reiki 1 & 2 - with Ruth Chambers
Samaritans Listening Volunteer with Nottingham Samaritans
Samaritans Deputy Director with Nottingham Samaritans
Kundalini Dance with Om Studios, Nottingham

CIMA Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

Nottingham born and bred yet well-travelled and broadly experienced, Pat has skills combined with local and global knowledge needed to provide a wide range and depth of health, well-being and life quality support. This she does through a unique blend of Eastern energy work, Western life-changing interactivities and effective application of a deep and sensitive awareness of individual lives and living.

Throughout her life and even in her career as a finance professional, people, their health, well-being and life quality has been central to Pat’s ongoing success. It was during her last six years living and working in Australia that Pat tapped into the more spiritual side of life, living and healing.

Pat began the move away from the world of business finance and into the world of people’s health well-being and life quality on her return to the UK from Australia. Graduating Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Social Policy from Nottingham University in 2011, Pat then attained Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification and volunteered in Nakuru, Kenya for three months. All of which provided a depth of knowledge around what works in the real lives of real people.

In 2012 an interest in Reiki reared its head and soon afterwards Pat attained Reiki Practitioner status. This application of new skills on a foundation of knowledgeable resourcefulness set Pat on the path of health, well-being and life quality. The next few years were spent exploring and attaining skills necessary to engage clients effectively from a whole body, whole person, whole life perspective.

Informal research and studies whilst volunteering at the Nottingham Samaritans instilled emotional and life support skills whilst volunteering at Stonebridge City Farm introduced Pat to Eco Therapy. All of which further instilled her depth of practical, intuitive, empathic and interactive skills in the full spectrum of living experiences. It was at this time Pat began to write about body, person, life development.

Always strongly aligned to freedom of personal movement, expression and autonomy, Pat is not one to sit quietly in a room and write and was drawn to a Kundalini dance course in the Om Studios, Nottingham. This she completed in 2017. Kundalini Dance, for those attuned to Reiki can be transformational and involves a dynamic, circular and deeply intense relationship with body’s energy centres, called chakras. Completing this course set Pat firmly on the path of Transformational Therapy.

Pat’s recent body, person and life transformation resulted in deep connections with a broad range of other support services. Now, situated in the Heathcoat Street Clinic, Pat is constantly expanding and refining her network to complement the full spectrum of health, well-being and life quality services in the Nottingham area.

Pat's approach to therapy is highly intuitive and deeply instinctive. Working with the client and the reality of their lives, she tailors services to specific needs. Techniques include attuned sensitivity, Reiki, whole person/whole body/whole life appreciation, identification of both beneficial and detrimental living patterns coupled with honest and open dialogue. All of which convert to tailored guidance that enables natural connections, untangling, self-reflection, re-development and self-empowerment.

Initial Consultation
Transformational Therapy
Distance Reiki

Living First services lives that aren’t working well for the person themselves. Lives that do not work well manifest in many ways: addictions, recurring or escalating illnesses, strained or breaking ways of coping, grief, unmanageable stresses, anxiety, despair, depression, unfathomable mood swings, confusions, muddling or battling through life. Any of which result in some form of health, well-being, life quality, employment or relationship issue. The main difficulty with these issues is that some part or other can take centre stage, which can further hinder ongoing living. All our services engage the issues whilst ensuring the whole body, person and life remain centre stage.
Each session comprises all services to a greater or lesser degree and can be tailored to suit the circumstances of the day. Together, the services coupled with open connectivity to the wider health and well-being services comprise a full spectrum of whole body, whole person, whole life support. However, each service has certain nuances that better serve different circumstances.


First Contact Service Enquiries
The main aim of Living First therapies is personal, lifelong freedom and autonomy. In this respect therapy should form a temporary part of your life. First Contact Service Enquiries are primarily for you to ascertain whether therapy, and Living First therapy is for you. This article might prove a useful read:
Pat can be contacted by email, text and telephone or by messaging through her website, Linked In or Facebook pages. Pat’s ethos begins at first contact, where together we will work on your next steps to wherever that connection is to lead.


Initial Consultations
We need to get to know each other and the Initial Consultation is the perfect opportunity to do so.  The aim is to realise issues and explore real opportunities. You will be asked to disclose information about the main formative events in your life, your health and well-being history, what is and is not working for you in your life, and your dreams and expectations for your future.


Living First’s Reiki therapist is attuned to connect with and enliven the body’s energy centres, and skilled to attune the client to self-renewing, self-healing and self-recovery. In so doing the therapist enables the client to relax, reconnect to and experience being their calmer, free and autonomous self. Living First Reiki instils increased body appreciation and awareness that can develop into valuable personal skills for ongoing health and well-being.


Transformational Therapy
Living First’s Transformational therapy is a dynamic and interactive therapy. Combining the living benefits of Reiki and deeply sensitive and pragmatic interactivity the therapist enables the client to engage body plasticity at a cellular level to fully explore personal potential and disperse living patterns. The therapy comprises relaxation, client-centred open and honest dialogue with freedom of expression and movement. Focus is given to the client’s stresses; breathing, relaxation and sleep; activity, nutrition, mobility, posture and movement, whilst exploring life and living options. All of which is tailored to individual, realisable potential as at that point in time.

Distance Reiki is for those experienced Reiki clients who find themselves in need of a whole body, whole life reconnection and can do so psychically.


30 minute Initial Consultation £15
45 minute Reiki £30
45 minute Transformational Therapy from £45

Monday: 10:00 – 19:00
Wednesday: 10:00 – 19:00
Friday: 10:00 – 19:00

Our Affiliations
  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
  • Institute of Massage Sports Therapy
  • The Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists