Transformational Therapy

Lives that aren’t well manifest in many ways: addictions, recurring or escalating illnesses, strained or breaking ways of coping, grief, unmanageable stresses, anxiety, despair, depression, unfathomable mood swings, confusions, muddling or battling through life. Any of which result in some form of health, well-being, life quality, employment or relationship issue.

Therapy & Transformational Therapy
Life and living is difficult for everyone and nobody has time, space or energy for anything other than living the moment as best we can. The problem is that we can get stuck in living ways and lives that really do not suit. Worse still, when we begin to realise that they do not suit and there seems little, if anything can be done about it. Once primed for transformation yet stuck, it is almost impossible to be anything other than what we have always been without help. Transformational Therapy can be that help. Good therapy is help that is: objective, supporting, clarifying, revitalising, encouraging, life-expanding and refining. Good Transformational Therapy is one that also releases trappings, realises potential and instils life-long autonomy.

The aim of Living First’s therapies is to work together to explore living issues, instil knowledge to prevent or minimise reoccurrence and empower to realise personal autonomy. Whatever your issues Pat will be good counsel, educator and coach whilst assessing the best approach, and should Living First therapies be the approach for you, we will then work together to disperse fruitless living patterns and realise untapped potential.

All Living First therapies are fully clothed and mostly hands-off. Hands-on therapy will only be introduced with your full consent. You will initially be shown ways to ground yourself naturally and wholly whilst the therapist undertakes aura, posture, breathing, disquiet and energy flow assessments.

Reiki & Distance Reiki
Reiki is increasingly becoming a part of Western wellness. The therapist is attuned to connect with and enliven the body’s energy centres. As a client being open to be enlivened in this way, a treatment enables you to relax, reconnect to and experience being your more whole, calmer self.

Transformational Therapy
Lives that aren’t well, are primed for change, and are locked into ways of living are held in place by living patterns that circularise the personally detrimental living. Transformational therapy interrupts the circularity, reinforces the client’s realisable potential and enables safe and organic change. Through active interactivity grounded in the client’s realisable potential, together we tease out the wood from the trees, the wheat from the chaff, the realistic from the unrealistic and the you from the not you. For the client, the expected outcomes are a letting go of body, personal and living patterns that no longer serve, realisations of potential both inside and out, and strong foundations from which to live a whole and full life.

Pat Fetcher

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